Scientific Advisory Committee

Grant applications are reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) to ensure the rigour and equitability of our granting process. We would like to thank the 97 members of the 2017 SAC who volunteered their time and expertise to assess grant applications.

The SAC Guidelines set out important information for committee members relating to:

  • the structure and membership of the SAC
  • the roles and responsibilities of committee members; and
  • the process of grant assessment and allocation.

Follow this link to access the Online Assessor Portal.

Instructions for the Online Assessor Portal provides an explanation of how to navigate the portal.

Fellowship Committee

A Fellowship Committee, with expertise across the fields of research that the Foundation supports, was established to assess applications for the 2017 Al & Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship. We greatly appreciate the contribition and input from the senior researchers who served on the committee.

The Fellowship Commitee Guidelines set out important information relating to the responsibilities of membership of the commitee and assessment guidelines.

To access the Online Fellowship Assessment Portal, please use these instructions.