The Directors

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors. The directors have commercial or business experience and some are medical practitioners or academics involved in various fields of research. The directors work on a voluntary basis.

Dr Thomas Cromer - Chairman

Tom is a Consultant Endocrinologist and is a Visiting Medical  Officer at St Vincents Hospital and Concord Hospital in Sydney.  His interests are in diabetes, erectile dysfunction and thyroid disease.  Tom is one of the founding directors of the Foundation.

Tom is one of the founding directors of the Foundation

Professor Brian Dean

Professor Brian Dean

Professor Brian Dean is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and is Head of the Molecular Psychiatry Laboratory at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, is an Honorary Professorial Fellow in The University of Melbourne Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Victorian Brain Bank Network. Professor Dean has published more than 200 papers, most in the fields of biological psychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology which reflects a research focus of the pathologies of major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorders and the mechanisms by which drugs act to lessen the symptoms of those disorders. Professor Dean is recognised both internationally and nationally and this is reflected in him being the Treasurer of the CINP (the world neuropsychopharmacology society) and Biological Psychiatry Australia, the national biological psychiatry society.  Professor Dean has a long history with the Foundation, winning many grants and being Head of the Rebecca Cooper Research Laboratories at the Mental Health Research Institute for 10 years.

Appointed to the Board of Directors on 2 November 2009

William Kevin Cahill - Former Chairman

Patrick O'Brien

Patrick is the principal of O’Brien Legal, solicitors, and has acted as the Foundation's commercial and litigation lawyer for a number of years.

Patrick has wide experience in a number of legal disciplines and has practised continuously as a solicitor in private practice since 1983.  Patrick was successful in having an application launched by Woollahra Municipal Council to seize a parcel of the Foundation’s land in Paddington defeated in the Land and Environment Court of NSW in 2001.

Appointed to the Board of Directors on 19 March 2011 and Company Secretary on 13 August 2011.

William Kevin Cahill - Former Chairman

Steven Rosenstrauss


Steven has qualifications in law and accounting and practises as a specialist taxation adviser.  Steven has assisted the Foundation in a professional capacity in connection with a successful appeal against the Australian Taxation Office which resulted in a significant outcome for the Foundation.

Steven knew the late Rebecca Cooper whilst he was an undergraduate and has been associated with the Foundation for most of his adult life.  Steven is passionate about the Foundation fulfilling its mandate to fund medical research whilst preserving the unique culture which it has developed.

Outside of work, Steven is an avid 4WD’er and enjoys rugby, skiing and the cinema.

Appointed to the Board of Directors on 8 March 2012.

William Kevin Cahill - Former Chairman

Sanjay Mehta

B.Com. CA

Sanjay Mehta joined the Foundation with over 30 years financial services experience. He has worked in chartered accounting, corporate banking, capital markets, corporate treasury management and financial planning. Sanjay graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Newcastle in 1981 and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1983. Through his technical knowledge, depth of experience and big picture perspective, Sanjay helps clients develop financial independence over the long term. He is motivated by the success his clients achieve.

Appointed to the Board of Directors on 18 November 2013.

Former Directors

Period of Service

1984 - 1984          Mrs Rebecca Lillian Cooper
                                (founding director)
1984 - 2000          Dr Nick Gregory (founding director)
1984 - 2010          Mr Kevin Cahill (founding director)
1984 - 2012          Mr Al RosenstraussOAM 
                                (founding director)
1999 - 2005          Professor Ron Trent
1999 - 2009          Professor Philip Sambrook
1999 – 2011         Mr Jeff Rosenstrauss
2000 - 2012          Dr Ross Paterson
2006 - 2008          Professor Nicholas Hunt
2008 - 2012          Professor John Rasko AO